BIRT Group Functions Plugin


Grouping within a BIRT data set
In the context of the Plug In 2 BIRT Contest for Autumn 2012, I created the Group Functions plugin. You can find the plugin, documentation and a sample report on birt-exchange Devshare. The group function aggregations in the plugin make it possible to generate the SUM, COUNT or ROWNUMBER by a group of data within a BIRT data set. With the right combination of these functions and the use of filters you can create many-to-many relations in a joint data set by first applying grouping in your data sets. You can read more on this in the pdf that you can download from the link mentioned earlier.

Here’s a screenshot of how a computed column is created with the GROUPSUM function:

And this is the result in the preview results area of the data set:

You can vote
The contest closed on november 30 and now registered birt-exchange users can vote for the plugin they like most on birt-exchange (the poll is in the sidebar on the right). So if you like this feature, give it a vote. Thanks!


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